Friday, August 3, 2012

Blasts from My Past

I was born in 1970, so I can say with authority that seventies were a groovy time to be a kid ~*

Modern Kiddo {a fantastic blog} does a lot of posts about things from the 70's-- the designs, deco &, pop culture of my childhood.  Its pretty cool seeing the things I haven't thought about in years & years.
A while back they did a post on toys from the era-- the same toys my sister & I played with as kids.  That led to the Things & I scouring the web for pictures of the toys I had {at first to marvel at how much they are worth now-a-days, then to see if anyone else remembered the more obscure toys of my childhood}.

The coolest thing about the modern age is that nothing is ever truly forgotten...

So for today's free Friday, I'm taking a trip down memory lane~*

Little People Airport - The turnstile on the top spun around & that arm in the back moved.  How cool is that~*  Major flaw?  The airplane didn't fit on the runway.  Sigh.  The luggage cart thing was pretty awesome though...

And then there were these fellas:Kenner Family Treehouse for the Tree Tots.  We had fun with it {my sis & I...particularly the doggie bed thing on the right there...don't remember why we thought that was neat, but we did}.  Major flaw?  The people.  They were big & didn't fit in any other toys.

And they didn't.  Fall down, I mean. Unless you dropped them from the treehouse.

It had a basket that you lowered with a crank & string.  And  bike.  And a picnic table.  The weebles & the little people hung out together-- & took over the Tree Tot Treehouse.  

And then, of course, there were dolls.  We are all familiar with Barbie, & I had her too, but I also had others that I loved just as much {& maybe a little more}.

There was Darci....she was a fashion model, you know...

...and a disco diva...

She's Darci, cover girl Darci...

She was larger than Barbie, which was a drawback because there could be no clothing swaps.  BUT, she was big enough to date this fellow...

Who was sooooo way cooler than Ken.

{My folks took my sister & I to see Star Wars at the drive in.  Station wagon, sleeping bags & Sci Fi-- doesn't get better than that}...

Then there were the Saturday mornings.

Don't get me wrong, I love today-- & I love, love, love the ability to watch whatever I want on our computer/television whenever I feel like watching it.  I wouldn't change it back to what TV used to be for anything in the world. 

But there was something special about Saturday mornings in the 70's & 80's.  

I'd willingly & enthusiastically bound out of bed at the crack of dawn on Saturdays, wrap up in my Mom's old fuzzy bathrobe, heat up one of these bad boys...

...plop down on the rust colored shag carpeting in front of the huge television/cabinet combo that sat on our family room floor...
...and watch Saturday morning cartoons 'til noon.  

I won't go through the whole line up today {though I may on another Free Friday when I'm feeling nostalgic} -- but here were my absolute favorites when I was a wee lass...

Lots of my favorites were actually reruns of earlier shows, like the Banana Splits, or the Monkees, or H.R. Puff N' Stuff {seriously, is it any wonder my generation is a little odd?}

Sid & Marty Krofft were the bomb.  Everyone is familiar with Land of the Lost, but there were soooo many others.  I was particularly fond of Electra Woman & Dyna Girl...

Saturday mornings would feature a whole Krofft Supershow line up-- two shows that changed from week to week.  In researching this, I discovered it only officially aired for two years, though I swear it ran longer {maybe in syndication?}.  At least, the Krofft Bros. made one hell of an impression on me lol.

So there you go-- a trip down my memory lane!

What entertainments do you remember from your childhood?


  1. Born in 72. I remember the toys and how strange it was the people didnt fit the toys they came with. Some of the shows I remember some I dont. This was great really brought me back. My cousin and I still talk about the Weebles. Never had Darcy though, Barbie was a staple in my house.

  2. I was born at the end of the '70s and so many of those toys bring back memories! Fun! BTW I finally read your post form yesterday (I had to bookmark it for the evening when I had some time)... super interesting and lots that I didn't know. Thanks! Happy week-end.


  3. Okay so these are all new to me! LOL I was born late 80s so these all look interesting! I'm a sucker for toys, and they don't matter how they work, toys can still keep me busy for hours ;)

    About the skirt, they have pretty much the same one at Forever21 for only $12.50. I have that one :)


  4. I remember Art Attack and little bear! :)

  5. I'm a bit young for these but fun post nonetheless!

  6. I was born in 82, but I did have Little People and Weebles - that theme song is going to be stuck in my head all day, thanks a lot!
    I also had cabbage patch dolls, rainbow brite and Mr Rogers episodes at my grandparent's house.
    Fun blog post! Have a great weekend!

  7. i was born in 85 and I grew up with three older brothers. my parents didn't shower us with a lot of toys so we had to get creative and enjoy the outdoors a whole lot. but we did have an awesome mini library with lots of books, an amazing backyard with a tree house and an awesome tv set where we would watch nippon animations, studio ghiblis and disney films. i do remember getting a barbie doll from my aunt. it's not barbie, but midge (the best friend who got married) and i had to wait for a year before i could take her out of the box. wouldn't trade my fun childhood for anything! :)

  8. Thanks for this. Very fun. I was born in 71. Unfortunately, my parents kept a couple of tvs like that one until not too long ago. I had the Little People hospital, with the elevator that went up and down. Actually, I still have it. My parents kept almost everything. But of course, we didn't have the vast quantity of toys that kids tend to have now. I had a preemie Cabbage Patch that I have given to my daughter.

  9. Weebles wobble but they dont fall down!


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