Monday, August 20, 2012

For Teachers~*

One more week of prep, seminars & registration, then classes start.  I literally & truly can not wait!  I've been dreaming about teaching...sadly, I was dreaming about teaching on the unions in the gilded age, which I won't get to cover this semester since I am teaching HIST2010, not 2020.  That isn't entirely true, I will get to cover a bit of it in the Tech in Society humanities class {I'm teaching 3 classes of that, which makes planning simple}...

...but I'm sure this does not make for riveting blog fodder~*

Today's motivations are a nod to those teachers out there-- whatever the grade, method or discipline {& of course including parents, the most valuable teachers of all}.


  1. That first quote is so great. I would love my kids to come away from school with an enriched imagination, good critical thinking skills and a passion for learning. Unfortunately, they often come away with lots of filled in worksheets. Boring!

  2. Inspiring and some funny quotes! Hope you enjoy your classes once they start. I love history. One of my favorite classes in college was Western Civ. I was riveted, while it seemed like everyone else was snoozing :)

  3. Love your quotes! Good luck with getting everything going, it really feels like fall today so I finally believe it's time for school :)

  4. My best friend is a teacher and she would LOVE these. I really like the lightbulb one. :)

  5. That first quote is so great!!! :)


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