Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Free For All-- Let's Go Shopping~*

Can we talk about Modcloth for a minute?  I've been able to pick up a few dresses {on sale}, and they really are everything everyone says they are-- well made, classic designs that are just beyond cute.  They even have plenty of longer length styles for us professional hipsters~*  I just love the retro feel.

No one is paying me to say any of this, by the way, I genuinely like the shop.  And the actual purchases I've actually paid for have been worth every penny.  Though, like I said, I had to wait until things went on sale because they can be a bit pricey for my taste.  Which brings me to the whole point of this post.

They are having a special through October that I wanted to pass on to y'all.  If you click on the link on the bottom of this post, & sign up on their site {& they do not spam your inbox, trust me}, you'll get $20.00 off your first purchase of $50.00.

That is a $50.00 dress for $30.00.  That is better than most of their sale prices.  No joke.  Check it out:

Any of the above dresses for $30.00.  Thir. Tee. Doll. Aarrrrs.  Even a poor academic can afford thirty bucks.  & that is just a teeny-tiny smidgen of a portion of the dresses available for $49.99 {they actually have a slider thing on the right side bar where you can limit the prices of items shown-- which is handy if you don't want to be tempted to blow the monthly electric bill on a dress}.  

We haven't even talked about shoes...aahhhh the shoes...
The Best of Times Heel - Grey, Blue, Mid, Lace Up, Faux Leather, Party, Work, Casual, 20s, 30sDance Instead of Walking Heel - White, Solid, Party, Work, Casual, 20s, 30s, Spring, Summer, NauticalIt's Never Too Latte Heel - Brown, Solid, Trim, Work

Technically, all the above shoes are under $40.00, so you'd have to buy a dress to go with them to get the discount.  Go ahead.  I give you permission~*

I won't even get started on the accessories.  Though I really want to.

Have I mentioned that I love clothes & shopping?  Cos I do. 

Waste no more time, click the link below, sign up & start shopping~*

Oh!  And if you do pick up any goodies, do share what you got!  


  1. Oh, I love Modcloth. They always have the prettiest things! I love all the dresses you've shared here :)

    1. I'd love to see what you could put together {hint, hint}!

  2. Professional hipster -- LOVE the term :D

    30 bucks? Get out!

  3. Gorgeous- wonder what the deal is in getting them to ship to England... I'm off to find out!

    Second thoughts... wait until after the baby otherwise I'll end up buying the wrong size. I'll just have to admire from a distance for now. Rx

    1. LOL you are totally excused! Hope you are feeling better btw!

  4. Gah, the only problem is that I want EVERYTHING from Modcloth.

  5. Oh gosh, they are all so beautiful. And what a deal!

  6. Modcloth is great, although do always struggle with getting the right cut of dress online. When I shop in person usually have a giant pile to try on and end up with nothing so I guess if it wasn't for the Internet I'd never buy anything though!


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