Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hops Happenin' Part 2~*

And here is another one!

Art Social Blog Hop

Today's post is turning in to a Hop Freak OUT!  Woot!

Works out well, because I sincerely & with all my heart DO NOT want to grade papers.  Ah grading, the bane of the teaching profession.  Sigh.  Funny thing is, once you get going it really doesn't take long to do.  Its the mind numbing dread of it that I can't get over...ah well. I've got Dave Matthews playing on Musicovery & y'all to keep me entertained, right?  

Have you heard his new album Away From the World?  Its purdy awesome.  

So is the album art.  Just sayin.

Now get hoppin'!
Hopping Birds


  1. Thank your for comment in my blog. I follow you.

  2. I don't generally have papers to grade but I have to grade projects and it's the worst. It's the one time I wish I was a math teacher because I hate how subjective it is... I always feel like such a monster giving poor grades but it has to be done :) Hope it goes fast!

    1. Yes! The subjectivity of it is what gets to me too! And thanks, I hope so too lol


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