Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday...not really

I have caught my usual start of semester cold.  Any other teachers out there who get sick the first few weeks of class?
Darn students.
I think its because I'm not much of a people-person-- left to my own devices, I tend to be sort of isolationist.  So when the semester starts and  I'm back to associating with large masses of humanity after a long respite, I tend to catch whatever illness is coming down the pike.  I lack immunities lol.
Mercifully, it isn't a lay-you-out type cold.  Just the usual mild head congestion with a side of space cadet & a dash of fatigue.
On the upside, two of my patterns came.  Let the wrap skirt how to's begin!  Well, not right now.  I'm at work, in between classes.  I should be setting up my gradebook, but I don't wanna.

How is your Thursday going?

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