Thursday, October 25, 2012


ModaMama is having a Trick or Treat giveaway & I'm part of it!  Yay me!  More importantly, there are other awesome bloggers offering equally  awesome {though less owl like} goodies.  

Can I enter a giveaway I'm offering a prize in?  I'm guessing no.  Anyone know the etiquette on such things?  

{Reminds me of the Think Fast Father Ted, when they try to rig a raffle for a car}

But I digress. 

Check out the prizes!

Taby of A Closet Intellectual is offering one custom made Owl Pillow designed to order with your choice of color preference*as much as she is able*

Gracie of Kitchen Table Art is offering a lovely item from her Etsy shop.  It can be customized to say whatever your heart desires!

Katy of Paper From Heaven is giving away shop credit to her Etsy store. I love these holders because they're so versatile.  I'm want one for holding my make-up brushes. 

Sharee of Mom Fitting It All In is offering a $15 gift card to Starbucks.  Oh, I could totally use one!

Lena of LenaB Actually is offering ad space and a $15 GC to ModCloth! 

Seriously!  Go now!