Monday, October 29, 2012

Motivations for Monday~*

Our weekend was all about Thing 3.  Saturday was a pumpkin carving party with 3 Things, 1 Stretch & the hubs & I, gathered on a red flannel sheet spread on the floor while Ghost Hunters: Season 5 played on Amazon video.  I find that show amusing, for reasons I frankly do not understand.

Then cupcakes & presents.  This year she wanted money, so we gave her $200.00.  In ones.  She never saw it coming, & that is no mean feat.  Its not easy to surprise Thing 3.

We were all together, having fun & full of delicious Thing 1 baked goods & I thought, why not take some lovely sibling portraits?  It was crisp outside, there were pumpkins & leaves.  And it all spun out of control from there~*  Life is unpredictable when you are with the Things.

I was laughing so hard I could barely hold the camera.  Nothing suitable for Christmas cards, but then, we don't send out Christmas cards, so its all good~*

Sunday was Zombie day-- we went and saw our college's production of Night of the Living Dead with Noney & Poppy.  Woot!  Followed by Starbucks & pizza for dinner & phew.

Mischief managed.

They are calling for snow on Tuesday.  I'm so excited {though hoping everyone on the coast stays safe}.  Which is why I'm randomly throwing that in.


All the birthday-ing has me in the mood to dispense advice.  Or rather, to graphically display quotations that dispense the sort of advice I would dispense if I had the propensity for waxing poetic~*

Make your Monday the best Monday yet~*

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