Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday, On the Fly

This week is going slllooooowwwwlllly.  Mostly because we anticipated a lovely snow storm that never came.  
Where we live it snows a few feet every year-- a few inches here, a few inches there, that sort of thing.  Gentle snow.  Pretty snow.  Every year.  And every year our city panics & acts like its never seen snow before.  There is never enough salt for the roads, never enough snow plows.  The city responds by closing. Hatches are battened, schools are cancelled, everything shuts down.  Its the best ever.  The horrible devastation that Sandy wrought on the east coast led our weathermen to believe we would get an early snow this year.  And while I am horrified at Sandy's outcome, and my heart goes out to her victims, we were looking forward to a surprise day off.

We bought soup & cocoa & chili & firewood & all things needed for a lovely snow in.

Then nothing.  Not a single flake.  Well, technically thats not true.  We saw a few flakes, but they disappeared as soon as they hit the ground, & clearly that doesn't count.

There is nothing worse than the surprise day off that never comes.  Sigh.

Now I'm not one who wishes time away.  I like a good, long, productive day.  You know those days-- where as night settles in you look back mystified at the quantity of things you got done & feeling like a superhero.  Days where it feels like you have all the time in the world & things just fall off the to do list completed in record time; one after t'other.  

But this week's long days are days that feel like they never end, yet nothing gets done.  Where everything on my to do list is taunting me.  Where nothing is ever finished & everything takes forever.  Where I look at the clock at 7pm feeling sure that its really midnight. 
Sigh. Check the link out while I desperately try to accomplish something & I will be back later~*

Awesome people hanging out together. What can be more awesome than that?

Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen
Bob Dylan & Bruce Springsteen

Beck and Philip Glass
Beck & Philip Glass


  1. I am not wishing for a snow day honey. We will get plenty of those later. ;)

  2. Sounds like my kind of place! It's starting to get a bit cool here but it still feels too hot for me here in the desert. Can we trade places for just a couple of days? The snow would be amazing! :)

  3. Aw, disappointing! I love the first snowfall.


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