Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wandering Wednesday

Did you hear that whooshing sound?  That was my fall break.  There it goes.  Sigh. Now its full steam ahead until Thanksgiving break {Nov 22-25} then the last day of classes {Dec 8} followed by final's week & last faculty day before winter break {Dec 17}.  It goes really, really, mind-blowingly, panic-strickenly fast from here on out~*

Whilst I try to get my head back into the academic game, here are a few links I perused over the past few days that I thought y'all may find interesting!

Ever wonder what the heck all the quirky girl fashion bloggers get their fashion inspiration?  Here's An A-Z guide to Indie Fashion Mags, so you'll never need to wonder again~*

Cecilia is a wee house, & I wouldn't have it any other way:  its cozy, its warm, its relatively easy to keep clean & its home.  That doesn't mean I don't look for ways to maximize our space & these little kitchens are giving me some serious ideas.  Now to see if the hubby is up for yet another kitchen revamp...

The best page of the most awesome recipe site I've found thus far.  Everything looks so delicious.  Forwarded to my husband and he's making out next weeks menu as we speak~*

It seems appropriate to start thinking about gift-giving...& of course that means gift wrapping.  Funny how some of these fantastic designs are actually easier {& less expensive} than the standard themed wrapping paper & plastic bag o' bows.

My husband & I are both historians.  Which means we have a frightening amount of books.  Way back when, the previous owner {who was the original owner of our house which was built in 1971} turned the standard Tennessee carport into a spare room.  We've turned it in to my husband's office/office {one of these days I'll do a house tour post}.  I have an undying fascination with the beauty of book shelves-- and these are some of the coolest I've ever seen!

Looking for a unique way to spend your next vacation?  These are definitely worth saving your pennies for.  I want to go to the La Balade Des Gnomes.  I wonder if Belgium is having any academic conferences this year?

Speaking of destination vacations, there is a spot in California {in San Luis Obispo} that we used to visit when I was a kid.  We never stayed the night there, but we did stop a few times to wander around.  It was like a slightly bizarre wonderland & it obviously made an impression on me-- right after discovering the website above, I googled the Madonna Inn. The link will take you to the Room Features Grid.  Just scroll down the links and you'll see why it is worth the visit.

** Hey Mom! The doll on the swing in the dining room is still there!!

Have you ever seen Sweet Genius?  Its a dessert show {kinda like Chopped}, hosted by Ron Ben-Israel. I kinda love it, mostly because it has a wonderfully weird mad genius/Willie-Wonka-as-written-by-Dahl vibe thanks in large part to its host.  And Ben-Israel can be as weird as he likes-- he has the talent to more than justify a bit of eccentricity.  Those flowers on the cakes and in the center pic are all edible-- & I don't mean edible greenery-- they are sugary confections.  Sweet Genius.

As a general rule, I'm not fond of self-improvement websites.  They tend to be too pat & cutesy & mostly just plain obvious.  This one, however, had some really good ideas that go a little deeper than most.  I especially liked #'s 10, 15, 28 & 31-- sound advice.

And finally.
If you are still looking for things to do, here ya go.  
Your welcome~*

P.S.  I am totally going to print these out & come up with a decoration idea using them, then when the Things complain about being bored I can just point at it & say "Pick One." 
P.P.S.  Anyone want to race a ferret?  
P.P.P.S. Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I just died for those bookcases. Michael and I totally plan on converting a wall in our living room into a bookcase. Of course, that won't happen until a)the basement is complete, b) the kitchen is remodeled, c) the wall is taken down between the kitchen and living room and d) the living room is converted into the dining room. yikes...

    1. LOL your to-do list sounds an awful lot like ours

  2. Oh my gosh, the kitchens and the bookcases. YES PLEASE!

    1. I know! I wish my house was bigger yet the same size...I wish it was the Tardis {sorry for the nerd reference, but its true}

  3. Kitchens, food, and bookshelves... all things I love to browse- so fun!

  4. Fun places to browse, thank you! And I am all for a wall of bookshelves, or maybe a room of them. If anyone would have more books than 2 historians, it might be the two English lit majors in my home :)

    1. You win! Lit majors beat out historians for book love, no doubt. My daughter is studying Brit Lit so I know first hand lol

    2. How about one historian and one English lit major. (That's us.) Somewhere in the middle I guess?

  5. ooooooooh I love new gift wrapping ideas. And those craaaaazy cakes! Awesome.

    1. I know, so cool-- and to think everything on his cakes is edible-- blows my mind!

  6. )))(((((((

  7. I am addicted to books too, and I love those floor to ceiling shelves! I can't wait to see the tour of your house! The wrapping is great too. I confess I have little patience for that. And how nice it must be to suggest cooking sites to the hubs and have him plan the menu (and cook it hopefully?)! Sweet! Sorry your break is over. That did seem quick.


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