Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Web Wanderin' Wednesday~*

Fall Fashion Edition!

I know, I know.  For those of you less fashion minded this might be a throw away post.  But we are in the 60 degree range here people!  Fall is fallin'!   I love autumn colors & layers & knit...stuff! Truth be told, I'm a big believer in wearing whatever you feel like & as much as I enjoy looking at fashion, I generally don't let it influence me much.  But this year we've busted out of the bleak grays & blacks {always elegant, yes, but not my style} & I'm loving the tweeds & burgundies & general awesomeness.

1.  How to wear layers { I totally covet that coat...}

2.   Real classics-- love ochre, which they were calling mustard last fashion season, but there you go


3.  And the 1920's meets Annie Hall vibe, I find it charming

4.  The Pantone Fashion Color Report for the fall fashion season.  The color names are awesome lol

Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2012 Women

5.   Makeup trends...I love the burgundy lip {and have been wearing it for a while now},  but I can't get a hold of the cats eye.  It looks gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but I prefer the soft smudge-y look~*

6.  Speaking of burgundy...oxblood is all the rage.  I love it {always have preferred it to red, for my skin tone its just more flattering}

7.   And the last link for the day?  An amazing giveaway from Shabby Apple-- win a dress a month for a year...Your choice of dress for each month from October 2012-October 2013~*  Yes please...

Why? Because We Love You!


Okay, enough fashion & frivolousness.

Go think deep things~*

Blog-working Wednesday!


  1. Is there a specific burgundy lipstick you'd recommend?Rx

  2. The Beauty Department had a great tutorial thingy:

    I use Rimmel 8 hour lipstick in Bourdeaux, Covergirl Outlast in Burgundy (544), or Covergirl Outlast in Brazen Raisin (542) (& a matching lip liner, o'course)-- which one I use depends on what I am wearing lol!

  3. I totally love that coat too, and the way they brightened it up with a pretty scarf. Coats can cover all manner of fashion sins. That's what's great about fall fashion. I have always loved mustard colour, although I don't often wear it anymore. Fun post!

  4. Great fall looks, if ever there is a time that I do think about clothes it's fall (usually just to realize that I don't have enough of them or like any of them!), there are so many sweaters and jackets and boots and layers to covet :)

  5. I love autumn colors, and the fact that I can now wear my adorable cardigans! =)
    I like the layering of the first outfit.

  6. Oh my goodness Tabetha. WHERE can I get that top coat????!!! I covet as well. :)


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