Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Web Wandering Wednesday: Musical Edition~*

Here are a few music video marvels I stumbled across this week.  Well, technically my husband stumbled across them & shared, but he doesn't have a blog now does he?

The first is an incredible rendition of PSY's Gangnam Style, a song which is currently be done to death.  Its overexposure shouldn't detour you from listening to this version though.  Trust me.  They make it smooth as silk.  Fantastic, sexy interpretation of a {fun} pop mess.

Since we are touring the musical globe, I'd be remiss if I didn't include Peter Fox  Alles Neu.  This video is totally bizarre & a good time on its own, but his sound is beyond fantastic.  He makes German sound good, which I would have previously thought impossible.  The lyrics, translated, are pretty sweet:

Hey, every thing's shiny, pretty, new
Hey, if you don't like it, make it new
The world is covered in dust, but I want to see where this is going
Climb the mountain of dirt, because on top the air is fresh
Hey, every thing's shiny, pretty, new

-- but damn if it doesn't sound beyond awesome.  Turn up the volume & dance, you know you wanna.

And if you want more, check out the darker feel of Schwarz zu Blau.  The video blows me away-- pure art.

Most. Epic.

& Now For Something Completely Different.

I present steampunk rap.  I can't even think of something pithy to say.  Steampunk Rap aka Chap Rap or Chappie Rappie.  With Chappie Rappers.  Here they are.  Two of 'em, as it happens.  Yup.

And seriously, after those videos is there anything left to say except have a spanking corker of a Wednesday? Eh? What? Pip, pip!

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  1. I don't really know what Gangnam Style is, but their version sounds pretty.


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