Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gift Lists, Giveaways & Getting Ready to Eat~*

Last post before Thanksgiving!!  So very much going on here, there & everywhere this week.

I hereby grant permission to all my blog buddies outside of the US to engage in a little over eating on US this Thursday~*  Whatever you fancy, go ahead & indulge {we are rather good at indulging over in our little red, white & blue bubble...sigh}.  I would recommend pie be involved, but really the important bit in order to authentically celebrate an American Thanksgiving is to eat.  Lots.

I would also like a pat on the back for not ranting about the real history of Thanksgiving or mentioning how the native/pilgrim everyone-at-a-table-for-one-big-feast never actually happened,  or that they didn't eat turkey back in those days let alone pumpkin pie, and/or other history tidbits that I find endlessly fascinating & make my living talking about~*

*takes a bow*

Before we attack the turkey, here are a few stocking stuffer suggestions Etsy-stumbled upon this week~*

Lego People Crayons / Tech Cover / Coffee Scrub Soap
Cotton Candy Lip Balm / Heart Coffee Sleeve / Red iPhone Cover
My Beautiful Balloon Necklace / Ruby Slippers / London Calling Badges

Make your lists & check 'em twice, & remember to sign up for the giveaways Yours Truly  & Beauty for Ashes.  In fact, you can enter the latter right here~*
And believe it or not, there are more giveaways to come!  Check back this afternoon & I'll do an update~*

Good luck, good eats & see you next Monday!!


  1. Thank you so much for including my hot air balloon necklace, Tabetha! You are so very kind! :)


  2. Oooh there is some cute stuff! Thanks lady!


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