Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thumping, Rantless Thursdays~*

Sigh.  I'm too tired to rant today.  Oh I could...but I just don't have the energy lol~*  

My alarm went off in the middle of my dream.  In my dream I was picking confetti out of my daughter's hair.  I don't know why there was confetti in her hair, but it was a dream so these things happen.  She looked up at me with her big, brown eyes, opened her mouth and started singing Nessun Dorma in Paul Potts' voice.

Love that song, especially the last bit:

I have seriously considered adding that stanza, in Italian, to my tattoos.  Its one of my favorite songs, very empowering...which is why its my alarm.

But I digress.  As gorgeous and inspiring as that aria is, it is somewhat disconcerting to have it coming out of the mouth of a 15 year old girl with freckles in a dream.

Anyone else get disoriented if awakened in the middle of a dream?  In addition to being discombobulated it tends to make me tired all day.  Does not bode well.

So instead of ranting, I figured I'd go hop around the webosphere for a bit.  And come up with weird names to call the interwebs whilst I'm at it {suggestions?  Blogiverse?  Web-o-Wonders?}.

I know, I generally save hop posts for Friday, but this one is soooo cute....

Wook at the widdle bunnies!  How can you resist them??

Do Not Resist the Bunnies.  

Just look into their are getting, wait, that's me....

Throw your blog in the mix while you are there, seriously, its a smashing way to meet folks~*  Besides, if you don't add your blog, you will make the bunnies cry.

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Do not make the bunnies cry!  Click on the link, join the hop and make a bunny's day~*

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