Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Web Wandering~*

Not many wanderings this week-- between stressful elections, lectures & papers, & crafting, there hasn't been much time for strolling through the interwebs~*

I do have this light blue denim owl to show for it, however.

With purple accents & greenish wings who will be making his way to Christina {winner of the modamama giveaway} shortly.  Aren't his eyes cool?  I picked up some vintage fabric samples off of etsy a while back & they have been endlessly handy.

I also have another hootie + a foxy gentleman:

who are prototypes of prizes that will be offered in other blogger giveaways to come.  The winner will get to choose fox or owl...& possibly "or squirrel," if I can work out how to do the tail properly...but that is what weekends are for, eh?
Stay tuned if you are interested in entering--  I'll let you know when & where they go up for grabs!

But none of this has anything to do with wandering the webs.  Weekends are for squirrels, Wednesdays are for wandering~*

Here are a few sites that caught my interest lately for your perusal.  Take a meandering stroll whilst I finish {ahem...start} grading papers & generally organizing myself for a crafting extravaganza weekend!

I love the idea of decorating with utilitarian items-- & there is something wonderfully rustic about rope & twine!  I especially love that monster rope chandelier-- how awesome is that?

These penguins are giving me serious ideas...I think a spin on it is going to be finding its way into my bloggy life very soon~*

Recycling plastic bags into reusable totes-- why didn't I think of this??  What a phenomenal idea....adding it to the list now~*

I know, I know.  A sad representation of what is out there on the web.  Ah well, not every Wednesday can be a winner.

And speaking of winning, congratulations America!  Once again we've had a successful election with a clear winner.  We are all one country, we are not any more divided than we choose to be.  We've had far closer elections in far more difficult times.  Lets not drown ourselves is self-centered ideologies that speak of political parties as either sporting teams to whom we must be loyal or religious entities that speak for God.  They are neither and it is sheer arrogance to think otherwise, particularly in the latter case.  Even more than arrogant, really-- it is dangerous.  Dogmatic, rigid ideologies born in irrational fear and willful ignorance-- whether conservative or liberal-- kill democracies.  Democracy requires compromise, reasonableness, and understanding.  Let's move forward and stop fighting over things for which there are no definitive answers, and start working through the problems our nation has rationally, democratically and fairly.

I'm crossing my fingers...



    It's so perfect!!!!!!! I can't wait!

    And you nailed it on the head about the election.

  2. I'm crossing my fingers too, but not holding my breath! I do hope we can stop the pettiness and get things moving. Your animal pillows are the cutest ever- you are really becoming a pro at cranking those out!

  3. you did such a great job on those pillows! love the purple details you have going on. such craftsmanship! :)

  4. Yes, fingers crossed! Your owls are so so cute!!

  5. owls are my fav! super cute pillows. thanks so much for visiting an aloha affair and joining today. im so happy to be your newest follower!


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