Friday, January 25, 2013

Surprise Snow Day~*

Okay, I'm of two minds about this.

On the one hand, I adore my job.  And missing a 2nd Friday puts me 4 classes behind {Friday classes being once a week, 3 hour blocks-- the equivalent of the usual T/R schedule}.  I talk fast, but not that fast.

On the other hand, its a surprise day off authorized by the college administration.  Which means I have nothing I am obligated to do, so I can play video games all day.


Randomly switching topics as I am want to do, I decided to give the hops I normally post on Fridays a more permanent home on the right hand column of my blog, right under my button swaps~*

Which reminds me-- if you are interested in swapping, be sure to visit my swap page & use the code FREE {all capital letters}.  OH & there are still a few hours to enter my sachet giveaway!

With that, be sure to check out the hops over here...

And have a wonderful weekend full of smashing grand surprises~*

Check out more of MicaĆ«l Reynaud's gorgeous cinemagraphs here, here and here.  Do be patient, they are big files & take time to load~*


  1. These pillows are super cute!

  2. Hope the snow day was a treat after all, and best of luck condensing classes! Our snow is glazed with such a thick layer of ice, you can walk on it cracks ominously. Have a great weekend! Lynaea @


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