Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wintry Wednesday Web Wanderings

Yesterday it was 24 degrees.  As the high.


It was also the second day of classes.  The way the spring semester goes, I will have already taught two Tues/Thurs classes before I teach one Mon/Wed class.  At my school, they have us on a 2/2/1 schedule-- classes are Tues/Thurs or Mon/Wed & Fridays are either labs or 3 hour core classes {two in one day, to accommodate our students who have jobs or are otherwise unable to attend on a traditional schedule}.  We didn't have class last Friday because of snow & they are predicting snow again this Friday-- which will put me the equivalent of 4 classes behind.

Good Times.


I've got cold on the brain...or a cold brain.  

Either, or.

So without further delay, here are my Wintry Wednesday Web Wanderings~*

Photos of snowflakes right before they disappear.

Gorgeous hand knit scarves. I'm a scarf junkie. Its why I tried to teach myself to knit {note the past tense}.  When me Ma is eventually able to move out this-a-way, we are going to take a knitting class together~*

12 Twists on Hot Chocolate.  I love a good hot cocoa. Sweet, bitter, alcoholic, spicy....they're all good.  & mugs.  Mugs are awesome.  Speaking of awesome mugs, here are some hoot-i-rifically groovy ones.  A two-fer~*

Some wintry wonderful gluten free fare.  I've added an "I Feel Hungry" board to my pinterest to keep track of the yummies I've found {check it out here}.  Everything except the butternut pecan scones looks delicious...well, technically the scone recipe looks wonderful but in addition to all my other food allergies I'm also really allergic to pecans.  Which isn't something you run across everyday now is it.  Hello.  I'm Tabetha & I'm allergic to pecans.  Nice to know you~*

Winter & sweats go hand &  One of the many upsides of my job is that it allows for wardrobe quirkiness-- eccentricity & academia are like winter & sweats...heheheheh.  
I can get away with wearing sweatshirts if I'm in sufficiently business like bottoms.  Which in my case would be either a vintage wrap skirt or colored skinny denims that I could argue are cut like, but not exactly, jeans :).  
Long story short, I totally need these sweatshirts from Nicola and the Newfoundlander.

OH. Time is almost out to enter my sachet giveaway over at Rushing For Bagels.  Be sure to zip over & enter for your own customized sachet-- either one 8x8 lavender sachet embroidered with the phrase of your choice OR 3 3x3 lavender sachets embroidered with the letters of your choice.  Open to everyone, just click on the pic~*

Wishing you a fantastic mid week!  See ya here tomorrow!


  1. I am so fascinated by snowflakes! And those mugs and sweatshirts are perfection.

  2. That snowflake picture is just amazing! It's an incredible world we've got here :) Hope you have a good semester, it's so impossible when you are short on classes.

  3. Oh I am so ready for winter to be over... I can't handle the cold anymore!

  4. Lovely post :)

    Followed you through the Friday Chaos Blog Hop!


  5. lots of great things to combat the cold

  6. I am mesmerised by that snowflake. And I'm pretty flippin' taken with that scarf too; beautiful!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  7. wow that snowflake is pretty awesome...

  8. That snowflake is magical. I like this blog. I haven't done any giveaways on my blog. I don't really know how to make things... You know how to create and you know where the cool stuff is!


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