Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Lovely Giveaway for the Last Day of a Lovely Month~*

Have I got a giveaway for you!

The wonderful bloggers that I've been privileged to swap blog buttons with have managed to set up a completely extravagant, mind-blowingly generous and downright clever 9 prize giveaway.  

Let me take a minute to gush a bit about these women.

As with all giveaways, it is standard operating procedure to have qualifications for entry.  We have all chosen one manner of qualification, to keep things simple.  And I also know that it is fairly standard operating procedure to fulfill those qualifications in the hopes of winning, and promptly forget about the blogs when the contest is over.

Don't do that here.

Please believe me when I say that you will not be sorry to be following these blogs when the contest is over.  They are really amazing.  

You want to know these people.  Really.  They are all incredible.  Lynaea, Dawn, Kym, Bel, Kate, Ashley, Amelia, Cassy -- I am most happy to call them friends.

And you will be too.

Okay, enough of that.