Monday, February 4, 2013

Snowy Monday, Monday~*

It is Sunday evening.  As I write this,  I'm watching out of our window & it is starting to spit snow, even as the 4 inches we've already accumulated slowly slide off our tin roof.  There is one question on everyone's mind, one obsession dominating all conversation around the table...

Will there be school?

We are placing bets.

They, meaning the weather people that at least pretend to know what is going on about such things, are expecting a little more snow tonight.

Our roads are clear, which could mean there will be school.  That said, while we are rural, we are also a crossover/shortcut drive that people use to cut across from one rural district to the college campus AND we are near a small power substation, thus our roads are salted promptly.  So our roads being clear is not necessarily indicative of the entire county--hence the conundrum over whether or not class will be cancelled.

Thing 3 & Jeremy are coming down on the "don't tempt fate" side of the discussion, also known as the "knock on wood" argument.  They both believe that if they were to embrace the idea of school closing for Monday ipso facto it will not happen.  So to ensure that yet another 3-day weekend remains in the realm of the possible, they gaze out the window in concentration, occasionally step outside to be sure, then mutter "There will be school.  Yeah.  School is on" while nodding sagely to each other.  All the while they secretly hope tomorrow morning will find them in their jammies sipping cocoa & watching Supernatural on Netflix.  Knock on wood.

Thing 2 & I are not so superstitious.  Thing 2 goes outside regularly, comes back in & announces how many inches of snow are on the ground whilst grinning like a mad man.  He pumps his fist & makes his "oooohhh yeah" face & dances around the kitchen.  He laundered one pair of flannel pj bottoms & a hoodie for tomorrow's ensemble. Where he is an aggressive embracer of the snow-day-to-be, I am more passive-- I just procrastinate like its my job.  The ironing board is up in the wee space between the dining table & kitchen with a stack of laundry & half done embroidery.  There is one more basket of laundry by the basement door-- I got all the rest done, but the last, the last I am saving.  I do not have pretty quotes with pretty graphics prepared for my usual Monday posting.

When we will find out is the only question in my mind.

Will it be tonight, by dark, before we go to bed so we can all sleep in?  Or will it be by text message on the early alert system at the deadline hour of 6am?  I am guessing that we will hear about the kids' school tonight, but that the college will shut down incrementally - first with a delay at dawn, then maybe a campus closing.  We'll see.  And even if there is no surprise snow day tomorrow, the laundry can keep.

After all, its supposed to start snowing again tomorrow night & the whole game will begin again~*


6:33 pm, the announcement came.  The Things are out.  Let the wild rumpus begin~*

5:45 am, text message received.  College on a 2.5 hour delay, classes begin at 10:30


  1. I live in SC and they close at the mention of snow LOL much less an inch or more. Our town would be crippled with 4 inches. Love your pictures. I love snow. Thanks for sharing!

  2. At least some of you got the day off! We're pretty accustomed to snow here, so it takes serious ice or breakdown in public transportation to get things cancelled. Hope the cocoa was enjoyed.

  3. I know the schools around here have been getting called off due to freezing weather. Snow doesn't scare Wisconsin but negative temps sure do!


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