Monday, April 29, 2013

Mondays Motivations: The Awesomeness of Shoes~*

I'd be remiss if I were to close out a month of awesomeness & not include shoes.  No, I'm not kidding.  Shoes are awesome.  My closet is full of them~*

My shoe issues are a frequent topic of conversation in our little house. They are the stuff of legends.  They are what the Things go to every time I tell them no, I won't buy them anymore of whatever-they-are-currently-begging-for because they already have a closet/cupboard/shelf full.  You have too many already, I say.  Oh, they say, like you have too many shoes?  Whenever you have to resort to "well, I'm the Mom and I can have as many shoes as I want" with teenagers you know you and your bank account are in trouble.

That said, I've been a good little monkey & have been doing my level-headed best to get rid of those shoes that aren't worn.  Shoes I've kept because I like how they look...please tell me at least some of you have shoes in your closet that you keep because you find them architecturally pleasing?  Because you like the curve of the heel, or the color of the leather.  Please?  My closet was, until recently, filled with those sorts of shoes.  Beautiful yet impractical shoes mingling with overtly cheap shoes--shoes bought on a whim.  Shoes bought to go with a certain outfit that I have long since gotten rid of.  Those shoes.

My new grown up mission is to rid myself of all the above & slowly refill my closet with good, quality, timeless shoes.  That said, our checking account has not gotten the memo & multiplied itself accordingly.  Have you been shoe shopping lately?  If I'm going to pay $200+ for a pair of boots, for example {& I'm not, but if I were} they better be made of solid gold.  Wait.  That is a silly condition.  They better do half my household chores whilst bringing me bon-bons for the rest of my life.  Much better.

Which brings me to the point at  I've been looking for good shoes at lower prices & have been having a hard time.  Yes, I know, the internet is replete with big name brand shoe shops, but their discounted prices aren't all that impressive when you actually comparison shop.  Most frustrating to a shoe junkie on a clothing budget.

When Ansley sent me an email asking if I wanted in on a new shoe boutique that meets all my criteria (quality shoes, stylish looks, good prices) I jumped all over it.  I know what you are thinking.  All of this set up for an advertisement?

Look, I don't do much advertising here at the Closet-- I've been asked, but if I don't believe in a product or idea, I turn the askers down.  But dude.  We are talking about shoes here.  Shoes.  And not just any run-o-the-mill trendy trainers, no.  We are talking about designer brands-- Steve Madden, DKNY...all the good 'uns my closet is craving at a price my checkbook can manage~*

The shop-to-be is called The Scarpetta.  And it opens Wednesday.


Yes, this Wednesday.  Which happens to be my pay day.  *Giggles*  I love a fortunate coincidence.  An elegant happenstance.  An excuse to buy shoes~*

And if you need more of an excuse, there is this little goodie.  You can earn a $50 gift card by signing up for their emailers & telling your Facebook pals about it.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.
Momma needs a new pair of maryjanes~*


So go to their facebook page, give 'em a like & fill out the form to get your giftcard.  Then show up May 1 to see that it is all worth it & your feet, fashion & closet will love you forever.  And your checkbook won't be too upset either~*

Have a marvelous final Monday of April!!