Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday Thinking Fashion~*

Since I am co-hosting the Aloha Hop this Friday (thank you Jean!), I thought I'd do a small fashion post today.  Woot!
And we actually took pictures this week too.  Yesterday, to be precise.  Which was good timing because it is raining today.
Thing 3 met me outside as I pulled in the driveway. Thing 2 grabbed the car keys at the doorway to head to track practice, and 3 & I headed to the backyard.  So did Mac, one our cats.  Sigh.

Dress: eShakti/Tights: Target/ Shoes: GoJane
Please ignore my extreme paleness.  I would like to say I'll tan, but I wouldn't like to lie.  I might get slightly less blinding, but its doubtful.  I'm not that lovely, sweet pale-- you can literally map my circulatory system.  And that isn't making mention of the freckles.  Anyway, therein the lace tights.  

The last shot is of my purse.  I made out of a vintage tablecloth that had a few stains that made it impractical for its intended purpose.  Its lined in lime colored fleece, so it is sturdy.  Isn't it cute?  Thing 3 liked it so much she asked for me to make her one.  Look for the how-to next week~*

So.  This is my last busy day of the week-- I teach 3 classes in a row & am generally exhausted by the end.  Tomorrow, I have the one 3 hour class, which is moving along at a wonderful clip & I'm very pleased with.  And when tomorrow's class lets out we will have 2.5 weeks of school left in spring semester 2013.  ACK!  

Time to panic...