Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday Thinking Fashion~*

Since I am co-hosting the Aloha Hop this Friday (thank you Jean!), I thought I'd do a small fashion post today.  Woot!
And we actually took pictures this week too.  Yesterday, to be precise.  Which was good timing because it is raining today.
Thing 3 met me outside as I pulled in the driveway. Thing 2 grabbed the car keys at the doorway to head to track practice, and 3 & I headed to the backyard.  So did Mac, one our cats.  Sigh.

Dress: eShakti/Tights: Target/ Shoes: GoJane
Please ignore my extreme paleness.  I would like to say I'll tan, but I wouldn't like to lie.  I might get slightly less blinding, but its doubtful.  I'm not that lovely, sweet pale-- you can literally map my circulatory system.  And that isn't making mention of the freckles.  Anyway, therein the lace tights.  

The last shot is of my purse.  I made out of a vintage tablecloth that had a few stains that made it impractical for its intended purpose.  Its lined in lime colored fleece, so it is sturdy.  Isn't it cute?  Thing 3 liked it so much she asked for me to make her one.  Look for the how-to next week~*

So.  This is my last busy day of the week-- I teach 3 classes in a row & am generally exhausted by the end.  Tomorrow, I have the one 3 hour class, which is moving along at a wonderful clip & I'm very pleased with.  And when tomorrow's class lets out we will have 2.5 weeks of school left in spring semester 2013.  ACK!  

Time to panic...


  1. You (both) look lovely! Your skin looks beautiful to me. I love the purse too. What a great idea! The eShakti dress is so pretty. I got a couple more of them, but boy was I shocked when I saw how much duty I had to pay. Half the cost of the dresses again! That part of being Canadian sucks.

  2. You both look so pretty! And I really wish I could go hang outside... darn snow!

  3. Love your purse! Looks like a purse I made recently only yours turned out a whole lot better! :)

    Thanks for hosting the Aloha hop! Following you via bloglovin. Would love it if you could stop by and follow along if you're interested!

    Hope you have a fantastic day,

    Aanie x

  4. You look gorgeous. Very glamorous and sunny, wonderful!

  5. hey hey! i was following you on GFC but now on bloglovin too, as per the hop!


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  8. hi newest follower from aloha blog hop
    .love your dress and bag !
    hope you can come follow me to ?
    hugs xo

  9. Cute dress! Love your handmade bag, too.

  10. Following via the aloha blog hop... love this outfit! So springy and adorable!

  11. Gorgeous outfit as always! Love your purse too, so clever of you! And they're beautiful photographs too

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...


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