Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wandering Web Wednesday: Thing Style~*

This week has been crazy on campus-- it is the 2nd-to-last week, full of evaluations, student advising & meetings with my Dean.

I am sorry to say I've fallen woefully behind on my blog reading this week.  I intend to have a good, long catch up this weekend, but do profusely apologize for my lack of commenting & making the rounds. In fact, I was just about to give up getting today's post written, when my girls stepped in and offered to help.
They've compiled a list of videos & memes that are either currently making their way around the high school & college campuses, or have become legendary "must knows."


If someone were to say "come to candy mountain, charrrrllllie" in a cloyingly sweet voice, would you know what it meant?  Well you should. And now, thanks to the Things, you will.  And fair warning, some of them are suitable for kiddos, some aren't.  After all, Thing 3 is 15 years old & Thing 1 is 20.  There will be killer llamas.  Just fyi.

Today we'll do videos, next week memes~*

So without further ado, I give you the top 8 videos that are all the buzz among the teen - 20 something set out here!

1.  What if Animals Ate Fast Food

2.  The Science of Cats

3.  How Animals Eat

4.  Epic Rap Battle: Dr. Seuss vs. Shakespeare

5.  Llamas with Hats

6.  Keyboard Cat

7.  Charlie the Unicorn

8. The Harlem Shake, Army Style