Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Last Day of Please May I Web Wandering Wonders~*

K.  May kinda flew by at a disturbingly fast rate...

Disturbingly.  Fast.

I hope that isn't a sign of the summer to come...


The last web wanderings of May, the last Please May I's.  Enjoy!

May I have more fonts?  If they are awesome & artsy & free ah yeah I may. 65 of 'em.  And you can too.  Fonts like Blanch.  She comes in 6 weights.  I don't know why that phrase makes me giggle, but it does.

May I design my own shoes?  Why yes I may thanks to Shoes of Prey.  Now whether or not I can afford to buy them remains yet to be seen...

I've always wanted to have a sketchbook.  I mean, I could buy a sketchbook of course, but I wish I could fill one.  Does that make sense?  No?  Well check out these sketchbooks from 35 talented artists & you'll get the idea...

May I take long exposure pictures?  Turns out I can, thanks to this handy how to complete with inspirational examples.  

Now I know decorating trends are leaning to all white palettes in home decor, but I'm a colorful type o'gal {and I don't mind repainting every other year, so there's that}.  When I stumbled across this site I was down right gleeful.  Turns out there is a psychology of color.  You gotta check this out {& I especially love how we in America screwed up the political color scheme: red is the party of socialism everywhere but the good ole USA, and blue is the color of conservatives worldwide}~*

And before we let May go, here is a good guy compilation to restore your faith in humanity & a reminder to sign up for the $750.00 giveaway which ends in 2 days!!  You are welcome.

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