Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Web Wandering Whatnots~*

**A quick note of thanks for all your kind comments & emails yesterday, it meant a lot to know your thoughts were with us.  Thing 2 is adjusting to life without his constant companion, & though this morning was a bit tough, he's doing okay.**

Here is a collection of interesting websites (at least, interesting to me) without any particular theme.  Cos yes I May be random.  That's how May works.  Awesome, eh?

10 interesting nightstands.  Because nightstands should be interesting.  Technically they could be end-tables too, but I suppose that isn't as sexy~*

We drink bottled water.  Before you judge, we also get letters from our water provider every other day saying they accidentally over-chemical'ed somehow or the other & while its perfectly safe to use our water for cleaning or boiling, we probably oughtn't drink it for a day or two.  So, yeah, there's that.  
Here are some smashing grand ideas for what to do with the bottles after the water has been consumed~*

And while we are reusing, here are ten ways to reuse old t-shirts~*

Okay.  I can't really explain this one.  I mean, it's art, and it's just cool.  Go there now & see for yourself.

And saving the best for last...

I could spend hours hanging out at the Skunkpot site.  Its not a social network.  In case you were wondering. 
The Photography section is my favorite~*

Stumble across any interesting web treasures lately?

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