Friday, June 7, 2013

A Little Music for the Weekend~*

The first Friday in June, is there anything sweeter?

The best part about this video is the guy blowing into the jug.  I never identified that sound until I saw this vid, and now its all I hear.  The second best part is the sideburns 'cos damn dude has some sideburns.  His sideburns give all other sideburns inferiority complexes, truly.

No classes to teach today for either of us, so the hubs & I are running our errands today to free up the weekend.  And what a weekend it promises to be-- many projects & grilling out & our local music fest .  No fancy hipsters in flowing dresses or steam punkish burning men, but there will be music & craft tents & beer, & that is enough for me.  

Before you head into the wonder of your weekend, be sure to enter the smashing giveaway.  You may get lucky.  You may win.  It may change your life.  You never know~*

So here's to June & sun & music festivals & sideburns!

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