Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Wandering Blues~*

This past weekend was our wee town's version of a music festival.  Four different stages, starting at noon and going until whenever, with craft booths & food stalls & street performers & beer.  
We went early, to avoid the boozed up college crowd, and brought two Things + a Stretch just for good measure.  Thing 3 & I alternated taking pictures.  I got to wear my new eShakti maxi dress which I was complimented on numerous times.  A little music, a little peek at the urban art throwdown in progress, a freaky clown sno cone truck, then a fantastic lunch at our favorite German place complete with a blues festival mug of beer for my hubs.  For afters, some animation & spontaneous poetry & lots of sunshine.  

All and all an afternoon well spent.

Have you seen any creepy sno-cone clowns or heard any live music lately?

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a surprise blogger post & a question game with my bloggie buddies!


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