Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wandering with One-Eyed Dan & Donkey~*

For those not in the know, One-Eyed Dan is Thing 3's friend.  

He's also a miniature pony.

I grew up with horses, as did my Mom {which is why we had them}.  It was awesome.  Sabrina (palomino), Samson (palomino) and Ti-ee (appaloosa). 


One-Eyed Dan was adopted by Thing 3's boyfriend's{aka Stretch} family .  And he has a back story.

One-Eyed Dan was accidentally blinded by his previous owner.  I will spare you the rather uncomfortable details of the accident that created the mini-pony's name.  

Stretch's family adopted One-Eyed Dan, despite his disability, but that wasn't enough.  One-Eyed Dan was lonely, so they brought in Donkey, a miniature..well...donkey. Duh.  To keep Dan company.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  Stretch's people are good people.  

Dan is understandably timid.  Donkey is very not timid. They are a great pair.
I asked Thing 3 to take some pics of Dan & Donkey for a Wednesday post. And here they are.  Two buddies. For your viewing pleasure.

**In case you doubt how miniature a miniature pony & donkey can be, I've included two photos on the end to give you a size reference.  They are amazingly mini.  And very sweet.

I will be adding a few other pictures to Thing 3's art page soon.  On other exciting news, we are currently prepping some of her pics for sale at a local shop!  I'll let you know when they go up {&, of course, post pics}.  

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