Friday, June 14, 2013

Working for the Weekend With Giveaway Goodies & Maxi Dresses For All

A fairly low key weekend planned for us.  Farmer's Market on Saturday {look for pics on instagram} & a trip to the hardware store.  A surprise room fix up for Thing 3 {shhhhhh, don't tell her} and a planned skype chat with a fellow blogger Saturday afternoon.  Sunday will find me painting & primping & finishing up a variety of projects.  An owl pillow for Natalie {giveaway winner} & other goodies.  And all my favorite hops for the weekend too {check my sidebar & join in the fun}

A fun weekend & good times.

OH!!  Don't forget about the eShakti code for $40 OFF for a first time order of $55.00 or more 

Its only good until July 15th, so don't waste time.  And for those of you who have asked about my dress, its back in stock here:  .  Trust me, its gorgeous and sooooo comfie.  You won't regret it {& we can be fashion twinsies!}.  And with the code, its a real bargain!

Speaking of a good bargain...FREE is always a good bargain.  And there are a lot of free goodies on the Tales of Beauty for Ashes giveaway, so you best all enter now while there is still time!  You can enter below~*

And before I leave you to the weekend, be sure to visit all my friends as they answer their Five Among Friends questions.  You can find them in my sidebar, or by clicking the links below!

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Make this weekend one to remember!  See you Monday my friends~*

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