Friday, July 19, 2013

Five Among Friends: Week 6

Its time for Five Among Friends!  I've gotten messed up somehow (sorry guys), but I should be on schedule now. Questions this week are courtesy of Jules from My Mom's a Whack Job!

1. Put your iTunes on Shuffle, what are the first five songs that come up?

Ahhh, a musical interlude, love it!

Shine For Me, Camera Don't Lie
Hit or Miss, Odetta
Pig, Dave Matthews Band
Love Letter, Clairy Brown and the Bangin' Rackettes
Save Me, San Francisco, Train
2. Who was the last person you held hands with?  Jeremy!  We are kind of prone to hand holding~* 3. Name two personality traits of yours that you love and explain why.
My sense of humor, because its unusual and somewhat manic & lots of fun.  And my creativity, which is also unusual and somewhat manic & lots of fun.  
4. Who is your best friend? How long have you been friends? Where did you meet?
My best friend is my husband, whom I've known forever from college :)  My best female friend is unquestionably my mom, who I've also known forever from birth lol
5. If you could do one random, crazy thing, with no fear of doing it or any lasting effects, what would it be?  To be perfectly square with ya'll, I don't really have an answer to this one.  For all intents and purposes, I do what I want to do.  I surround myself with people I want to be around, I have my dream job, my marriage is awesome, my kids are great, I love my house & I truly don't have secret aspirations to skydive or rob banks or free climb Mount Everest.  I have the same problem when people ask "what would you do if you had no fear of failure" or some such variation.  I am not afraid of failure, its how I (and anyone else) learns.  I mean, failing sucks, but I don't fear it.  I don't know, I guess I am genuinely a happy and contented person, which apparently has its drawbacks given that I can't come up with a simple answer to questions like these lol!
Now check out these bloggers & stay tuned for their answers & let them know I sent you!

Five Among Friends

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