Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Autumn on the Horizon & a Blog Hiatus

So.  Rule 24.

This year's decorating is simple.  I don't have the time for major arts & crafts, though I do intend to make a smashing thick leaf garland out of floral wire, raffia wrapped wire & lunch bags dipped in coffee.  


Its a good idea at any rate.  It would go with our berry walls.  

I've been meaning to show you the new paint job since, well, since I painted it. I like it better than the blue-- its warmer & oh, I don't know, bigger and fuller somehow.   I also repainted the fireplace with a warmer white.  I love it.


I've reused last years crafts & added feathers & grasses & feathery grasses.  Most from Michael's on a quick trip to get the frame for our new Star Trek print.  I adore the print-- its from Andrew Heath Design + Illustration on Etsy.  

Robots & Pink Floyd quote prints: Handz

The fabric garland, skull, pumpkins, and owl pillow are all from last year.  I've linked the tutorials-- so cute & easy, & obviously it will last at least a year~*

The billy buttons are more recent.  I really like them though.  They moved from the bathroom to the mantel to the computer cupboard.  I just can't quit them.

Like The Closet.  I can't quit it either.  

But I am taking a hiatus.

sachet how to here
I feel guilty for not spending more time here.  But there isn't the time to spend, at least, not right now.  

For now I'm focusing on life outside the blog-o-sphere.  I'm sorry.  I will be back here, I know I will. I'm just not sure when.  Maybe fall break, or pumpkin carving, or our first cozy fire of the season, or first snow, or when the holidays & the mantel decorations change.  Maybe I'll pop in here and there until a time comes when I can become a regular blogger again.  I don't know.

Hugs to you all & I'll see you soon.  I hope~*

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