Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nostalgia with a Side of Interior Envy~*

Friday evening Jeremy had to work at the library and the kinder were off doing the things teenagers do on Friday nights.  Generally I like alone time, but I found myself getting bored.  I half-heartedly cleaned house, I changed a dress that had gotten too big into a skirt, ironed a bit, putzed.  I even played a video game for half-a-minute.  No good.  Dull.

Typography print from Sacred and Profane
So I put on a movie & poured a glass of wine.  Beetlejuice was on Amazon {we watch our TV via Xbox & are prime subscribers}.  It came out 11 days after I turned 18, as it turns out.  I vaguely remember seeing it in the theater.  I loved the special effects & supernatural & the Belafonte & quasi-romance of the story.  I still enjoyed those bits.  But this time around I found myself enamored with the house pre-Deetz.  I love it.  I covet this house.

Images from Hooked on Houses
Don't tell Cecilia {my house} as she is very jealous and things tend to break if she hears us discussing other houses.  She's not much of a house by normal standards, but we do adore her.  

And her view.  

I think if Jeremy and I died tomorrow, we would definitely haunt Cecilia.  We've put so much blood, sweat & more than a few tears into her.  125 years protecting her seems a small price to pay for all the life we've lived in her.  She is ours & we are hers.

Deep thoughts after a...a....what is Beetlejuice?  Comedy?  Light horror?  Hmmm...


What a difference 25 years makes, eh?  

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