Monday, January 27, 2014

The Indoor Days of Winter

We've been getting tagged by the tail end of the cold wave.  It was -2 degrees last Friday morning when I got to campus.  And this weekend we had a goodly amount of snow with more allegedly heading our way. These are the indoor days of winter.

In addition to the usual housework, I spent a little time over the weekend playing around with photos we've taken over the course of the past week. Some from a trip downtown Jeremy & I took last weekend when the weather was frigid but the sun was out, & some from Harper Ann's adventures in the snow. 

I hid out in the craft room, played with filters in Google+, sipped hot coffee, wrapped myself in an afghan, listened to Vivaldi on spotify & felt artsy. It was a pleasant afternoon, all in all~*

What are you doing to while away the indoor days of winter?

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