Friday, January 10, 2014

Window Shopping, Grammar Police & Picasso

When this is published, I will be sitting in my office, busily creating syllabi & coming up with assignment & trying to get my brain back into professor mode.  Theoretically.  Its been snowing, so you never know~*

our back yard, courtesy of Harper Ann aka Thing 3
But as I am writing this, which I've been doing over the course of the week because, well, reasons...uhm, okay back up.  
Don't you hate it when blog posts have glaringly obvious grammatical errors?  I'm talking elementary school mistakes, not poetic license.  Fortunately my good friends in the blogosphere are also good writers, but there are some major blogs out there that I've abandoned because it is hard to take fashion/beauty/DIY or craft advice a person who can't successfully string a few words together.

Black Books gif here

I'm not a grammar stickler by any means.  I appreciate liberal interpretation of sentence structure, ironic use of verb tense, and the occasional text-generation shortcut. But all of those grammatical choices have to come with the knowledge that whomever is taking such literary detours could, if pressed, put together a traditional sentence, amiright?  I mean, Picasso could paint like every other artist of the day.

Portrait of the Artist's Mother, Picasso 1896.  From here: great article btw

He just preferred not to.

The Dream, Picasso, 1932: from here


I have discovered that I prefer to take time to write each post & allow plenty of additional time to edit.  That was the point of this convoluted Dylan-Moran-Modern-Art heavy digression.


Where was I?  Snow, work, grammar, yadayada...AH right...

But as I am writing this, I still have a few days of break left and nowhere in particular I need to be.

I have to admit, I do enjoy shopping & am a die-hard believer in the power of retail therapy.  I won't go in to how our economy was set up after the peak production years of World War I with the idea that we'd buy the things we produce-- since we can produce more things faster than any nation in the world, and no one else can afford to buy the things we make.  When we stop spending, jobs decrease and unemployment rises.  No joke.  Oh wait, I said I wouldn't go in to that.  Sigh.  The perils of being an historian.  I do apologize.

graph from Calculated Risk: check it out for a great article on the topic.

Wandering around new things, imagining possibilities and getting inspired.  I'm the sort of shopper that picks up things and carries them around for a tic while I ponder, then puts things back and moves on-- happy in the idea that I could have bought those things, had I wanted to.  Online shopping is no different.  I like filling up my virtual shopping cart, then clicking the "X" and shutting the tab with finances un-pilfered.

cinemagraph fromCaptivating Cinemagraph Collective

The possibilities, you see.


And as it happens, covered by the cost of our monthly internet access fee~*

Of course, I'd be lying if I said I never spent money shopping, or even saying I never spent money I shouldn't have spent shopping...but this is a pleasant place, my Closet, so I shan't go there. I do hope my children, Bayley in particular, can learn from my  Though judging from yesterday's economic angst ridden texts from said twenty something,  I doubt it.


I'm amassing quite a bit of online goodies to share with you. One of the many benefits of  blogging: my hoarding of internet items seems much more purposeful and much less Freudian.

I was going to post them here, but I've already rambled on for a bit.  So consider this the preamble~*

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