Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hanging Around Cecilia

I've been itching to change over to spring-ish decorations, but with all the snow we've had lately I'm afraid I'd be tempting fate...

We've kept the house relatively clean, given that our whole menagerie has been kept inside-- they actually occupy the furniture mostly...Shoo one away, another takes its place.  Its our own personal petting zoo.



The Doctor aka Doc



Everything is geared toward winter, from the pet indentations on the cushions to the snow boots on the floor.  Everything is just slightly disarranged, with fleece bathrobes in odd places, scarves over chairs, dried out roses I haven't the heart to throw out, and pillows moved to the side.  You know?

I adore winter, I do.  But the thought of spring is tantalizing isn't it?  The air is sweeter, the sky is bluer.  Its funny how excited I get at the thought of opening the windows, if only for a few hours in the afternoon.  

I am proud out of proportion of that picture, by the way.  I went out in the morning to catch some snow pictures, and the sky was so blue-- and that little birdie fellow was singing his heart out.  I caught him mid-warble, thank-you-very-much *bows*.

I suppose I'll wait for a few warmer days-- a little evidence that the seasons are in fact going to change, before I change the decorations around the house.

We'll see...

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