Tuesday, June 10, 2014

An Accidental Pewter Finish How To

 A quick & easy craft for this week's post (just like I like 'em).  I'm sure most of ya'll have seen the how to for making clear bottles look something akin to mercury glass or old silver...

Get some Looking Glass paint, and a spray bottle filled with plain white vinegar.
Let us all pause for a moment to reflect on the wonder that is Amazon.com.

Clean the bottles thoroughly and remove any soap residue.  Mist them with the vinegar, then spray the Looking Glass paint.  Let it dry, wipe off the vinegar, then repeat.  Easy peasy.

Now to mix it up a bit, I tweeked the above formula to make a pewter finish on some plastic fruit.  Why, you may well ask, did I want a pewter finish on plastic fruit?  Because I did.  Not much more thought went into it.

Anyway.  While you ordering from Amazon, you can pick up some play fruit and metallic paint.

I put the fruit in a large cardboard box, with strips of cardboard to prevent the fruit from rolling around.  Then I gave the fruit a coat of the metallic silver, waited for them to dry, flipped 'em over and repeated.  Once that was good and dry, I had a bunch of shiny metallic fruit in a cardboard box.  It looked cool-- like something Tiffany's would have in its "gifts for those who have everything" section.
But it wasn't what I was looking for,
So I got weird and misted it with vinegar and put on a coat of Looking Glass paint.  And ta da!  Pewter fruit!

Cool right?  Right??  Maybe I'm getting a little carried away.  But they look bitchin' on my mantel, and that is what matters in this household.

Happy crafting accidents are the best, aren't they?  

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