Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bayley's Flag: A DIY Patriotic Style

The other afternoon Bayley (Thing 1) came over and took over the garage for a little fourth of July project.  In the interest of full disclosure, her boyfriend did help some-- including taking pictures on his phone of the progress.
She adapted an idea she found on pinterest using scrap lumber they brought and paint I had around the house,  plus an old dish sponge cut into a star shape to make that bit easier.  They made two: one for her porch and one for her apartment wall (the pictures are of both in no particular order, though the larger one is shown at the top of this post, and the smaller on the bottom).  No other explanation is necessary-- easy peasy! 

She's going to distress it a bit once everything dries, so its not quite finished, but I wanted to get it up in plenty of time for the Fourth.  I'll see if I can't get her to send over another pic of the finished product.
Think I'll blatantly copy her idea and make one for Cecilia...  

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