Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Preamble to Ten Treasure Tuesday~*

No outfit pics today-- it was a long day {good, but long} & the allure of my sweatpants outweighed the cuteness of my outfit iffun' you know what I mean~*

I have a bit of a headache...I adore teaching, & obviously love my subject, but both can be rather exhausting.

which is why I drink coffee...&/or diet red bulls~*
It is what it is.  Like history.  You can't bend it to fit a modern ideology, you see.  History is factual, not interpretive --you can interpret why something happened to a certain extent, but not what happened...what happened, happened...it is what it is.  Sigh.

My office...at least, part of my office.  The left corner of my office would be more accurate...& now I can leave work behind & properly "window" shop~*

So now I shall go shopping for treasures...I love etsy.  Have I mentioned I love etsy?  Cos I do.  See you in a bit with ten wonderful treasures & not a headache among them~*

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