Monday, May 21, 2012

Quick & Dirty {or not} Crafting

We are a big "stick it on the fridge" family-- photos, notes, schedules, even song lyrics have found a home amidst the hodge-podge.  I've been trying to find a more organized way to display everything & here's the quick craft solution I came up with:


Mini clothespins
Floss, string or ribbon in your favorite color (yarn tends to sag & stretch too much to use)
Magnetic hooks, 2 per line

The object is to string a photo line by attaching the hooks on either side of your fridge, tying the floss to the hooks, and using the clothespins to attach the photos-- cheap & easy.  It looks so much nicer & it couldn't be easier to change out photos or attach the odd note.

A little tip: move the hooks slightly closer together before tying your line, so that you can tighten the line by sliding the hooks away from each other.

We have a mini line on the front of the fridge as well that holds recipes.  I adore a quick & easy craft, don't you?

I'll have some more quick crafts {& more difficult ones} coming up in the near future!


  1. That's really cute! I've been wanting to do that on the walls of my room :)


  2. This is awesome! I am totally doing this. My daughter is always sticking things on the fridge and I have my giant mom calendar. I can assign her a string and she can rotate her art/notes. Thanks!

  3. Very clever! We also have a super messy fridge. Looks great.

  4. simple yet very beautiful!=)


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