Friday, June 22, 2012

The Results are In...Kinda~*

Yesterday's Pizza-Off between Thing 2 {my son} & Poppy {my dad} had some amazing results:

Thing 2's offering, on the left, was a 1/2 chicken, 1/2 sausage with Italian cheese blend, fresh basil, garlic & onion {scrumptous}.  Poppy's entry, on the right, was a shrimp cocktail pizza with fresh shrimp, cocktail sauce instead of pizza sauce, strips of pineapple & a bit of mozzarella {sounds odd, but was truly delicious, I highly recommend giving it a shot}.  For crust how-tos, there is this post Thing 2 did earlier.  The winner?  Drumroll please...
It was a tie!  Next week, when the Things return from their jaunt to California, the Pizza-Off Tie Breaker will be held at our place.  Woot!

I have a couple of things up my sleeve for the blog this weekend.  There is the tour of my Mom & Dad's house:

And a how-to for making a birdie tree {which I came up with yesterday afternoon on the pun intended...explanation to accompany instructions}

This photo is from my instagram @the closetintellectual

And of course there will be photos from today's adventure with my hubby.  And it is that adventure that prevents me from spilling the aforementioned beans right now-- my handsome husband is ready to go & I'm sitting here in my pj's lol.  So I'm off to get ready for some exploration {camera in hand}-- here's wishing you a phenomenal Friday & weekend to follow!


  1. You are so creative! Love the birdie tree. I think having a pizza contest is a fabulous idea, especially when you are the judge rather than the cook. Very smart, sister! :)

  2. oh yum :) don't forget to check out my $50 gift card giveaway!

  3. Wow those are some adventurous pizzas and I'm sure they were great! Very cool birdie tree too.

  4. tabetha, oh, the pizza just made me drool. :) love that nail polish holder with whimsical birds. :)

    you have a wonderful weekend. :)


  5. Great idea, a pizza cookoff! There's nothing like homemade pizza :) Especially when someone else makes it! Cute birdies, too. Happy weekend!

  6. Pizza-nom nom. I love your parents picture of the bear and the rabbit. If they ever get bored of it please send it my way, I have the perfect spot for it.Rx

  7. I couldn't find you on instagram. I tried @theclosetintellectual. Is that wrong? I'm @ziajojo btw, if you want to follow me. :) Then I will find you that way!

    1. I added a button up top in the right column & am gonna try to follow yours!


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