Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday's Pizza-Off is On

Today is the Great Pizza Off between Poppy & Thing 2.  We are A-BUZZ here in Cecelia, I tell you~*

Yesterday the hubs & I headed to the farmer's market to pick up Thing 2's shopping list of goodies {the boy has practice every morning, so we dropped him off, headed to market, then picked him up afters}.

Is there anything better than berries in summertime?  If you answered "no," you are correct!

The gentleman manning this booth was selling 'em $5 a bouquet & they came in green florist vases & if only we were going straight home I would-a got one or three

The. Best. Bread. Ever.  Cranberry walnut is delicious.  Cinnamon raisin is even better.  Think I'll toast some up in a minute...yummy.  The bakers actually have a restaurant that the hubs & I will venture toward someday very soon.

The arrival of fruit to our little market had me & my camera very distracted.   And my nose, come to think of it-- the air smelled delicious in every booth.

Tomatoes are my favorite.  So versatile & tasty.

You know, I've never had fried green tomatoes.  Does that revoke my southern card?  I'm originally from the Bay Area of California, so I shall use that as an excuse.

I am strictly forbidden from saying what was purchased for Thing 2's pizza pie.  He is running right now, but when he gets home things will really get goin'.  

We head up for the pizza cook off this afternoon, then the Things 2 & 3 are off on a little vacation 'round Cali-forn-ee way, visiting relatives for 4 days.  The hubs & I will take a little day trip this weekend & try & finish up projects half begun around the house.  What have you all got planned for the first official weekend of summer?


  1. Mmmmm! Fruits! I was talking to our plant guy here at work today and I didn't know that there were THAT MANY varieties of tomato and basil.

    I'm having a $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway on my blog!

  2. Gorgeous produce and the pizza competition sounds so fun! Pizzas are some of my favorite things to make cause you can get so creative. Wonder who will come out on top!

    1. LOL we are all on pins & needles 'bout the outcome!

  3. Another gorgeous post! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog and following me! I'm following you too.

    Sarah x

  4. hmm you just made me think of how much I love berries, I must go and buy some! :)


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