Thursday, June 7, 2012

This Little Poosh Went to Market~*

Yesterday, the hubs & I took Poosh to the wee Wednesday version of our local farmer's market. {The Things were still asleep...lazy teenagers}

This is me & Poosh

This is the wee market

Poosh does not get out much, you understand.  When he was Thing 1's dog, she did take him out & about, but since we adopted him {for a full explanation, check this post} he's been a stay-at-home puppy. After seeing a bunch of similarly size-challenged dogs at the farmer's markets, we thought it would be fun to try him out.  So we got his harness on him & found the leash & headed out.
To warm him up to the idea of being around people, we stopped at the local Earthfare market for breakfast {they have a little outdoor seating area, Larry's Beans "Bean Martin" coffee & utterly delicious breakfast bagels}.   While the hubs was inside getting foods, other breakfast connoisseurs started showing up.  Poosh had been sitting on the ground, but with the arrival of others, he jumped on my lap, where he perched, shivering violently.  He was rather concerned with the patrons comings & goings.
Poosh being concerned with their comings & goings
At one point, a breakfaster walked quite close to us, & Poosh growled his little watch dog best...while he backed his way up to my neck...He was  very much like a brave 2 year old taking a defiant stand from behind his mommy's leg.  We had breakfast, & Poosh had a teeny bit of bacon, & we were off to market.

I don't know why I take so many pictures of vegetables...I just can't help it, they look so durned pretty!  My hubby actually took quite a few pics yesterday as I Poosh wrangled.  I must have looked ridiculous being pulled across the parking lot by a 10lb dog.  Sigh.

The soaps were a new addition to the market-- the lavender was divine-- they've definitely made it to our grocery list for next week.  We got some homemade roasted red pepper bread, green onions, gorgeous tomatoes, red peppers & a slew of fresh banana peppers to stuff-- too yum.
But this is a story about Poosh, not vegetables.
Within a minute of arriving, a girl jumped out from behind a booth selling beaded necklaces to pet him, & he handled it quite well.  Tentative, but he accepted the pets & her cooing before running around behind my legs, cocooning me for a tic with the leash.  At the bread booth, the vendor sweetly offered him a doggie treat {she had a bag for big dogs & a bag for small dogs-- the woman was prepared for any canine eventuality}.  Unfortunately Poosh was rather rude about it, & refused to take the treat from her hand or from the ground where she eventually set it.  We bought bread, so hopefully the rudeness was overlooked lol.  While we were buying the tomatoes, Poosh had an encounter with his future self--  an adorable, portly, grizzled hair version of Poosh, who had this wonderfully regal air as he waddled next to his owner, a nicely dressed older gent buying squash.  The dog was obviously well used to such day trips, and did not give a wits bit of attention to Poosh, but Poosh was utterly obsessed.  When he caught sight of him, Poosh went into a frenzied dance, all shakes & twirls like a whirling dervish--  it was something like how a preteen girl would act if she found herself  face-to-face with the human form of the posters on her wall.   It was pretty clear that Poosh would not willingly leave the area, so I scooped him up & we continued to meander.
Everything started to settle down, Poosh was once again marching along on the leash & things were going swimmingly...then the terrier appear.  A beautifully groomed white terrier, just minding his business, & Poosh went into a panic.
I adore Poosh, but I hate his bark {its horrifyingly loud, as only a little dog's bark is}.  I don't know what the terrier did to offend Poosh, I am not sure, but dang Poosh was pissed.  He started barking, & yipping, & whimpering & howling, & it echoed down the little alley of a market.  People were popping their heads up from the produce to see what terrible thing we were doing to make our dog yip so alarmingly.  My mother instinct kicked in-- when the Things were little & on the truly rare occasions one of them had a public melt down, my standard response was to scoop them up & head to a secluded spot where I could threaten them with violence in peace-- j/k.  So I picked Poosh up & exited the market so he could regain his composure.

Poosh, attempting to regain his composure while remaining convinced that the terrier is stalking him with an intent to do bodily harm.

By then we were laden with goodies & Poosh had vibrated off whatever caloric benefits the bacon had given him, so we decided to call it a day.

Saturday, we will take Poosh to the big market.  Please send good vibes-- and hope that no white terriers make an appearance lol.


  1. Such cute photos! And your dog is adorable!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

    1. Your blog is so cute! I'm following with GFC

  2. Great photos! It looks like you have so much variety at your farmers market...the soaps look great for sure!

    1. I know! I've been really impressed-- and its still considered a bit early, so more stuff will start showing up!

  3. What a big outing for the pup! All the produce looks beautiful and also carefully organized- love that.

  4. Oh, Poosh! How humorous he thinks he's so big. First of all, I can't blame you for taking pictures of lovely produce, because that's exactly what I would do. Second, I love your dog! Nothing wrong with a spunky canine, I say.

  5. Lovely post and I love farmer markets :) I could never take my dog to a market....she thinks she is the queen of all dogs and barks at everyone!

    Tanesha x


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