Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Win, Place or Show~*

While we had successfully displayed his trophies, there was still the question of what to do with Thing 2's medals.  Medals are by far the prize of choice for track & cross country, & my boy is a speedy boy...

Not bad for a freshman, eh?

The fix couldn't be easier.  Here's whatcha need:

Now for the details.

1.  Finish the piece of wood to your liking.  We used yet another salvaged piece, this time it is a door off of a cabinet.  We distressed the door mightily {Thing 3 went to town on it with an old barbecue scraper, & a good time was had by all lol}

2.  Measure to position the pins.  Each medal gets two pins, I positioned mine about 2 inches apart.  I put 4 pins {to hang 2 medals} on the first row, 2 pins {to hang 1 medal} in the 2nd row, 4 pins in the 3rd row etc.

3.  Mount the wood to the wall {I drilled 3 holes: two on either side of the and one in the center-bottom & drilled it to the wall, but you could use picture hangers to limit wall damage if you'd prefer}

4.  Hang the medals!

--I intend to replace the push pins with common black nails eventually, but Thing 2 wanted to leave the pins for now in  case we need to readjust the placement to accommodate more medals {I'm thinking we'll need to make another display for each year, but it's his room so he's the boss!}
-- I had wanted to put track-related words around the frame, but that was vetoed by the boy.  He likes things simple, worn in, & apparently word free.  Teenagers.  What can you do?


  1. Fun! You're coming up with all sorts of great stuff for his room. What a good mama :)

  2. That's a really great idea to get all of the medals displayed!

  3. Awesome! So creative, I love it.

  4. what a fab idea. :) very nice way to display it. :)



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