Friday, July 27, 2012

One of Those Weeks...

Its been one of those weeks...

I've caught a nasty cold.  Thing 3 broke her toe.  The cat got in poison ivy, then got on the hubs & I {we are both itchy, & I'm allergic, so I'm also hive-y...which is lovely}.  We had a massive rainstorm that flooded our basement.  My parents had a pipe burst which damaged their ceiling.  Thing 1 has had a really hard time as of late {but she is strong & will persevere}.  

I'm so ready for the weekend & a fresh start~*

Speaking of fresh starts...

I picked up this sweet little square frame on a thrifting adventure a while back.  I'm not too in to gold, but I do like the look of silver leaf, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Leaf itself isn't too expensive, but paint is cheaper & cheap is the whole point in thrifting after all.

Here's a tip: silver paint doesn't look silver, it looks gray.  Metallic pearl white, however, looks silver...go figure.

Just brush on a thin coat of metallic, let dry, then gently rub with fine grit sandpaper.  If you want to get really fancy, you can chip at the paint with a putty knife or distress with steel wool.  Because the frame was so tiny, there wasn't any need to get too elaborate.  Print up a pic to frame, & there you go-- quick & easy, just the way I like 'em~*

The flowers are one of the million reasons I love my husband.  That, and the Advil Cold & Sinus that came with them.

Here's to a rest & recovery weekend for all~*


  1. Gah, what a week! Hope the next one is better. Lovely frame!

  2. I hate hivey :( I'm sorry to hear that. But hey, lovely stunning frames and hope your weekend gets better!!

    Cathy Trails

  3. what a week... =(

  4. That is a bummer of a week! Ouch. I did not know an animal could bring poison ivy TO YOU. Good to know. I hope things are looking up now!

    The frame looks fantastic!

  5. you are so talented- thanks for sharing this great DIY!! The finished product is beautiful

  6. wow great idea! love the way they turned out! xx


  7. Oh no, booooo to all that rubbish luck. Surely now some good karma is due your way just in time for the

  8. Eek bad week- but now it's over! Great frame :)

  9. Sorry for the bad week. It seems like everyone is having one rough week, but i hope this upcoming week is much better. Love those frames. You did a great job.



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