Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday BBQ

 Part 2

This past weekend, Jer made a few sauces in preparation for Wednesdays, when he has a night class and I'll have to cook.  I am not a fan of cooking.  If I have to do it I can,  but I'll definitely take the boxed-dinner-of- least-resistance.  This way I get my cheater's way out, but refrain from poisoning my kids with processed helpers {though the Classic Three Cheese really is good & if you throw a few chopped peppers in it & serve it with spinach, the nutritional value must be increased, right?}


He made his marinara & his pesto, which we vacuum sealed then froze.  He then decided to make his bbq sauce & Thing 3 smelled it on the stove & demanded we eat it immediately.  So we did, on ribs with cheesy polenta & greens~*

Typically Tennesseans use a dry rub on ribs & wet sauce on sandwiches, but ribs are what we had on hand, so the Tennesseans will have to forgive their native son for messing with the system.  As with his marinara, my husband's recipes are not precise.  But as long as you have all the ingredients incorporated, the amount of each that you use really depends on your taste anyway, so 'tis all good.


  1. Ground Cayenne & Paprika
  2. Salt & Pepper
  3. 1 small yellow onion
  4. 3 cloves of garlic
  5. Hot peppers {we used dried chipotle peppers from the farmer's market}
  6. Dark Brown Sugar
  7. Apple Cider vinegar
  8. Worcestershire sauce
  9. Molasses
  10. Tomato ketchup {fresh is better but bottled will do just fine}
  11. One lemon {or lemon juice}
  12. Butter
The rest is easy~*

Let it simmer for a good long while-- if it starts to thicken too much, just add water.  Once it has stewed for at least an hour, throw it in the food processor for a good whirling...

Run it through a strainer when you return it to the saucepan, and let it simmer a bit longer...

And its ready to go!  You can use it on anything you'd use bbq sauce on.  I was intending to take a picture of the ribs but...uh...I forgot.  Trust me, it was delicious~*

And last but not least, I wanted to show off my dress.  A little while back I won a giveaway for a gift card at Shabby Apple & I picked this dress...

It has a lovely 50's cut, don't you think?  & I love mustard yellow & navy together...All in all, a great 2nd 1st day of school dress (the 1st 1st day was yesterday, but then today was Tuesday/Thursday classes' 1st day...so...yeah}.  Thing 3 was home when I got in & we went outside & took the pics-- thankfully she wanted me to sit down lol.  It was rather hot for tights, but it was the first day, so I tried to look somewhat put together...tomorrow though all bets are off~*

Now I am in shorts and a tee, posting quick-like before I have to pick up Thing 2 from practice.  The hubs & Thing 3 are on the way to the soccer field, where Thing 2 & I will join them to watch my baby give the opposing team a right trouncing.  Please send her good goal-making vibes.  Then we will head home to eat dinner & finish out the day. Y'all have anything exciting planned?

Welp, it is time to wrap it up-- hope your Tuesday was extraordinary!


  1. Yum! I love bbq sauce. I don't eat bbq, but I do love the sauce! Your dress is very cute :)

  2. What a sweet guy, to prepare for your cooking nights. Great dress too! You are looking good, honey. :)

  3. You look so pretty! I am not a meat eater but every once in a while I love BBQ potato chips dipped in sour cream... so that's something :)

    1. Ruthie & Mama Smith-- it actually goes well on tofu too!

  4. Oooooh YUM! I'm going to try making this asap! Sounds delicious!
    And I LOVE your dress!


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