Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Teaser

Monday's classes went great-- but then first days are generally pretty awesome.  Today is the Tuesday/Thursday schedule-- so another first day~*

I was, however, rather tired last night & didn't get around to setting up today's post.  I have everything I need, just need to write it-- & the 15..well, now 12...minutes I have to sip coffee before getting the Things up & moving & myself dressed & ready aren't long enough to write the post.

So it will have to wait until this afternoon.

I do, however, have a teaser...

Check back this evening to see what it becomes~*

In the meantime, have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. oooooh are those lemon drops I see? hmmm......


  2. Looks like something yummy!

    My class starts tonight- I am frantically getting every last thing in order and trying to remember how I stsy coherent until 10:15 PM.

    Hope you second first day was great!


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