Friday, March 1, 2013

Fashion Friday

Lots of almost snow in this, the latter half of a rather odd week.  Its been gray & cold & spitting, but no real snow.  Yesterday Thing 2 was able, by dragging his fingers all along the car's hood, to just barely scrape together a soggy snowball to chuck at his sister, and even that sorry excuse for snow was melted away by noon.  Today we are to have snow flurries & snow showers.  And tomorrow.  And Sunday.    No really good, hardy snow though.  Its all so non committal.

Winter, if you are going to hang around, you must try harder.  We need to see a real effort here, or you should admit defeat, step aside & make way for the new guy.  Spring put on an impressive show on Tuesday, breaking out after a gentle rain, & we were impressed by its determination and joie de vivre.  Maybe its time you seriously consider retirement, Winter 2012/13.  Unless you've got something to show us.

Dress: eShakti, cardigan: Old Navy, Rain-boots: Vintage/Thrifted

I am tired today.  I need the weekend.  No, I need spring break.  Teaching is hard on the brain, & mine really needs a rest this time of the semester. 

Its really hard to explain  to someone outside of the education field.  There is a lot that goes on in teaching.  It is the greatest job ever, no doubt, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I am passionate about my subject & my work-- I put everything I have into it.  I feel an obligation to the people I study, the history I know, to pass on the story so that they and their deeds are not forgotten. Corny, but true.
It is hard to maintain that high level of excitement day after day.  There are days when I am flat, when I feel off, when I disappoint myself & feel like I let history down.  And then there are weeks, like this one, when the topics where heavy & the teaching of them was emotionally difficult. It is depressing & sad & frustrating sometimes.

But I won't bore you with the details.  

I just need a break.  I need a nap.  Trust me.  I was hoping for a surprise snow day.  But noooooo.


  1. Such a great outfit - love the photos. Hope some time away from teaching (when it arrives!) will give you your zing back - everyone I know who teaches always say how much work it really is.

    Found your blog via the Grow your Blog Blog hop and am following via GFC :)

  2. Your outfit is too precious!! Our spring break started yesterday and I couldn't be more excited! Not that I have any huge groundbreaking plans, but relaxing just sounds amazing!

  3. Not to be mean, but I would like to push Mr. Winter into retirement too. I hope you get some much-needed rest this weekend. You sure deserve it. Where would we be without teachers? (BTW, I have an eShakti dress I have to review shortly, but it's hard for me to get myself together for a photo. Plus, it's so ugly outside right now...lots of ice. You look great in your pretty dress!)

  4. Man, I wish my winter was like that. I just had to dig my car out and we've probably got three feet of it now. Super cute outfit, I can't wait for when I get to wear cute things without freezing.

  5. Boo to this rubbish drawn out winter! Hope you get some sleep this weekend and feel refreshed.

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  6. Well, you & your dress look like spring! Fresh and pretty. Winter is tenacious here too...even my littlest is tired of the snow. Your feelings about teaching history aren't corny. Sounds like you are where you need to be. I couldn't help but wonder what you were teaching this week that was so emotionally exhausting. You recently mentioned the Lusitania (life preservers/boats blurred by the plague); I'm guessing you're somewhere between WWI and WWII? Dark times... you do need a weekend...and a pretty dress.(= Hope your weekend is peaceful. Lynaea @

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  8. Dropping by from the Social Blog Hop and following on GFC. I can relate to no snow days- For the past 2 years we went without one, but FINALLY last week we were blessed with one. There is something magical about a snow day! I can't wait to read more. . .

  9. Nor'Easter coming to CT tomorrow night... maybe. You should come here... it's been between 35-40 degrees every day and windy. I want spring.


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