Thursday, June 13, 2013

Welcome to The Man Cave...or Something Like That

Hi all and welcome to the Man Cave (geez, that's so cheesy, gotta come up with something better). Once a month I'll be posting about...well guy stuff I guess. Its not really guy stuff, its more stuff from a guys perspective.

First a bit of background. I'm Jeremy, currently an adjunct instructor of History, father of three, and all around nerd.

A Dad and Two Things 
I'm into a great many things, from video games, to cooking, to sci-fi anything, and a lot of stuff in between (just wait for football season). That's what I plan on posting see, its mostly-kinda guy stuff. 

I have to thank my wife for putting up with me, nerd that I am. She and the kids are very tolerant of my quirks (maybe too tolerant even for my own good?). My video game habit, in particular, must be grating at times. I will play video games whenever I have the chance. Ill get into it quite heavily too. Ill hop on Teamspeak or Ventrillo, plug my headphones in and talk to “the guys” while playing something or another and tune everything out. It can be quite isolating at times from their perspective, though. I do wish we played more games together, and we used to with a certain game about crafting wars (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge) however all but our host herself have fallen out of the habit of playing. Personally, while I loved questing and running dungeons with her, the grind got very tiresome and I just couldn't keep up. I'm also a bit of an ADD gamer. Ill play a game hardcore for a few weeks, then its onto another game. It doesn't have to be a new game, just one I haven't played in a while (I just installed Janes Fleet Command again not too long ago).

With all of that you probably have an image in your head of some introverted nerd who only sits on the computer all the time...well, ok that's kinda right but video games are only one aspect. I'm into all sorts of media. Though gamer is the main term used, to steal a line from Extra Credits, I'm a media soak. I consume all sorts of media. I've spent far more time watching movies and TV shows than playing games. As a matter of fact I prefer watching Sci-Fi media to playing games. I'm a huge Dr Who fan (though this season hasn't lived up to expectations, though still good) as well as all sorts of other shows and movies (just re-watched the Avengers last night, so awesome). Also, books. I read everything from comic books to hard sci-fi, and everything in between. Of course non-fiction too, as a nod to my profession, however nobody is really interested in the intricacies of the development of German national identity.

Its more than just nerdity (is that a word? is now), though. My other hobby is cooking. I love to cook anything and everything (well, except maybe vegetarian, but Ill do it because she likes it). Taby has posted a few recipes that I've come up with. I like to think I'm pretty good. Everyone seems to enjoy it at least.

OK, so as to better integrate myself into the blogging community I'm going to take part in the Five Among Friends. The other friends of The Closet are going to be posting the answers to these questions starting tomorrow from Friday to Friday, so be sure to check back. The participating blogs can be found in the links below this post.

1) Whats the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

 have to say Whitesnake- Here I go again. I went through an 80's hair band phase a while back...I'm not proud but there ya go. I have a wide variety of songs though, Led Zepp, Pink Floyd, Blue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith, Old Crow Medicine Show, and a ton of others. I'm getting more into of a bluegrass era now. 
So see, its not all Whitesnake...

2) When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

I don't remember exactly what we were talking about, but I remember it was in bed at night. My wife and I talk a lot before going to sleep...we will go to bed an hour early and just chat. Often we have the most ridiculous conversations. I don't know what the last one was about, but I guarantee that was when it was. She is very, very funny.

3) Describe your perfect Sunday afternoon.

I am of two minds here. It could really go either way depending on how I feel that particular Sunday. On one hand I would love a nice cool day, slightly overcast and just dreary enough outside to make us want to stay in and not be depressed. We would watch movies and play games and act goofy and generally lounge around. On the other hand a nice bright, yet still cool day, going out to a sporting event (soccer, football, baseball, whatever...but preferably not cricket, I just cant get that one), then either a picnic or dinner at a good restaurant. Nothing fancy either way, I'm a t-shirt and shorts kinda guy.

4) You just won the jackpot. whats the first thing you'd buy?

An airplane. The bigger the jackpot, the older the plane. If it was big enough Id get a B-17 up and running again. I love planes and would love to learn to fly, so something like that would be the ultimate for me. Seriously, can you imagine saying “yeah, I'm going on vacation next week. Gonna take the ole B-17 up to New York.” Then, when next week rolls around, you get your family on a WWII bomber and fly to New York, or wherever. That would be awesome. And it preserves history...but mostly its just sweet. The cool thing is, Taby would totally be down for that. That is how cool she is. 

5) What is the craziest thing on your bucket list?

Tornado chasing. I grew up in tornado country and they are kinda frightening which is exactly why I would want to do it. I've got a healthy respect for them and would find it fascinating to be inside of one (in a well armored vehicle of course, I'm not actually crazy). Also, a road trip like that with Taby would be fun. Driving around little towns in the middle of nowhere doing something kinda nutty is right up our alley. She already said she would be down for it so...yeah, maybe when the kids move out one summer we will call up some storm chasers and see if they need volunteers.

So...that's me, nice to meet y'all. Look for me to be posting again sometime next month (maybe earlier). Be sure to click on the links below to find out what our friends have to say on the Five Among Friends.

Tomorrow you'll return to your regularly scheduled blog post with Taby.
Have a good one. 


  1. Hi Jeremy, nice to meet you.
    Funny that you just know the location of your latest biggest laughter, but not the cause of it...
    As for your Sunday it seems like you can do most things as long you can be in a T-Shirt (sounds like fun). But an airplane? and then Tornado chasing?, hummm. I hope you are not planing on going tornado chasing on your new airplane :)...
    Oh BTW invite us for a ride before you go chasing it.

  2. No, not gonna go tornado chasing in an airplane. That said, the hurricane hunters do fly into the eyes of hurricanes...that could be fun. :)

    Ill let you know as soon as I win the lotto, too.

  3. Nice to know more about you. You guys are sweet together. It's great that you have your own hobbies (although I admit the video game thing would drive me a bit nuts). My husband loves his guitar most of all. He reads history books too (teaches high school history). Whitesnake huh? Good for you for admitting that... ;)

  4. It's so nice to get to know you better, Jeremy! I think this is a great way to get to know others.

    Thanks, Taby, for inviting me in on this great opportunity!

  5. Glad to meet you Jeremy. Tornado chasing and old planes...those are eclectic, cool longings. Something otherworldly about both...I don't know, maybe the combination of two unlikelihoods would somehow alter natural laws just enough that a ride through a tornado (and where? to Oz?) would be possible. Works in the movies.

    Looking forward to your recipes! The last one inspired (loosely) our Father's Day grill.


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