Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alanna Okun, I Love You

I am guessing you are all familiar with buzzfeed-- a happy list-type site with..well...everything you could want to know about anything.  Alanna Okun is an associate editor there & she's a brilliant compiler of DIYs-- particularly handy given the impending holidays.  A great way to spend an afternoon.  

33 DIY Gifts
30 Cute & Clever Thanksgiving Decorations
33 Reasons Mustard Yellow is the Best Color
30 Easy & Cuddly DIY Ideas for Old Sweaters

30 Insanely Easy Ways to Improve Your Kitchen
Her lists aren't always DIYs, some are humorous observations or sardonic comments on pop culture-- but all I've seen are worthwhile. That said, she has 414 posts.  I shall be snuggling in next Saturday making listing her lists for my own DIY dreams!

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