Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Clotheslines, Dog Houses & a Hint of Spring

We had a brief breath of spring this weekend-- the windows were opened, hallelujah~*

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It got us thinking, and even doing.  Tucker and Jeremy pulled down some brambles and sprouted trees that had taken root in the far corner of the yard we refer to as the nature preserve.  
We have just shy of an acre of property.  Not huge for rural folk, but pretty ginormous to this former city girl.  A large hunk of our back-forty is fenced in dog yard-- just a simple wire fence Jeremy & I strung up one long hot summer many moons ago.  That fence has been overrun with wild brambles, morning glories and berry bushes and actually looks quite lovely during the spring, summer and fall months.

Of course, right now it looks ghastly-- all brown and sad and dead.  But then, everything is right now so it blends in~*


We've decided to do a backyard clean up this spring & summer to make it look a little more presentable and a little less wild dog habitat.  Jeremy and Tucker went and straightened up the back corner last weekend, as I said-- much easier to do when everything is dry and sparse.  Which is what got us to thinking.

We've got an idea for a luxury dog house.  And some gravel to span the entire width of the house out back and on the right side.  And a lovely clothes line outside the garage. 

So I started surfing for many cool ideas & pretties & oddities following the trails of thoughts in my head.  And here are my random finds in all there useless glory, for your perusal~*

Image from here

Garden succulents here

Damaged plates as border here

Colander herb garden here

A collection of gorgeous cottage gardens here.

How to make your dog more garden friendly.  Which we won't do because we are dominated by our pets.  Sigh.

A doghouse designed by Frank Lloyd Wright & other luxury pet homes.

People have been weird about pets forever. Seriously.  

Speaking of vintage pets...Sergeant Stubby.  Total badass.  Just FYI.  

It always comes back to history for me I guess...

In looking at the above post, its a bit frightening actually.  How my brain follows odd paths and one seemingly harmless idea can lead hither and yon.  Sigh.

You know they are calling for snow today (Wednesday) is the weather out in your neck of the world wide web?

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