Monday, February 24, 2014

The Pottery Date

This past Saturday Jeremy & I had a little adventure.  

We started with Starbucks.  Because seriously, what modern adventure doesn't start with a venti something or other?   It was in the 60s and gorgeous so we sat outside. They are calling for snow next week.  28 degrees on Thursday, so they say.  Sigh.  Gotta enjoy it while its here I suppose.

Then we headed over to Into The Fire, a relatively new paint-your-own-pottery establishment, locally owned and lovingly run.

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When we came up with our four resolutions for 2014, we started looking for things to do that would support the local business communities as well as allow us to spend some creative time together.  We are a good team, Jer & I, but it has been a while since we've done a creative project together.

We had an absolute blast.  There were people of all ages-- the spot was jumpin'.  There was a youngsters birthday bash, some women who were regulars, two elderly couples stretching their artistic chops on some vases & a rather terrifying large family of 8 kids, plus "others that couldn't come," who were intent on painting birthday presents for their grandparents-- and a few others.  One table of cute littles came buy and chatted with us about owls.  Some teenagers and college age friends rounded out the crowd.  I told you it was jumping.
We picked a table out of the way a bit, near the paint so we could people watch, but far enough away from the crowd that we could talk in privacy.
Really warm atmosphere, wonderfully friendly staff, great was really, really wonderful.

I got carried away and chose two little miniatures and an owl mug.  Jeremy picked a nice stein, "for dnd night."  We were there for three hours painting, chatting, laughing at each other's artistic abilities & people watching the afternoon away.  So much fun, sincerely.

We made plans to come back.  We actually need some serving pieces, & we have a cute idea for matching mugs & really I adore the idea of customizing some tchotchkes for around the house.  Next time we will bring some of the brood & I'm dying to bring my Mom...they have a ladies night Ma, the girl at the desk said it gets crazy lol~*

We will be able to pick up our masterpieces next weekend-- I think they will be beautiful & as Jer says, if they suck, at least they are all ours. I'll show you the finished pieces, no fear.  If you have a paint-your-own-pottery place around your hometown, we both highly recommend checking it out~*

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We did not get compensated in any way for this post.  We didn't know the owners, and they didn't know us.  It was genuinely a good time had by all!

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