Friday, February 21, 2014

Resolution: Make More

The last resolution we have for 2014 is fairly explanatory: Make More.   We need to make more time for each other & ourselves, of course.  But also actually making things.  I have all the supplies, I just need to make it a priority.

I find crafting therapeutic.  It is a nice way to rest my brain-- or rather, to point it in another direction.  We have sorta intellectual jobs & whether the debate is in the classroom or in my own head, it can be exhausting.  I really do need to make the time to pursue creative outlets.  There are plenty of hours in the day, just as many as needs be, I just have to use them properly iffun' you follow me.

And this isn't an entirely selfish resolution-- Jer has hobbies he needs to make a priority too.  We're actually planning a few fun culinary experiments for him to try out this summer-- but the details will keep until then.  In the meantime, we've been finding recipes and widening our food comfort zone.  It is so easy to fall into a rut with all of this stuff-- and so damaging to creativity when you do.  Humanity is so complicated.  Anyway.

This weekend Jer & I are hoping to sneak out for a date day-- a nice lunch and then a trip to the paint your own pottery place downtown. Supporting small business, living slow & making something-- 3 resolutions in one blow-- how's that for efficient.  If we are able to pull it off, I'll have photo evidence next week~*

Have you made anything interesting lately?

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